Can we make a school to school connection?

Found this from wikipedia - "Haiti counts 15,200 primary schools, of which 90% are non-public and managed by the communities, religious organizations or NGOs.[2] "

Can we connect with the 10% that are public schools? How do we find them?
If you are trying to make a connection, let us know here:

Your school
Intended Projects
Haitian school
Rye Jr. High,
Rye, NH, US
(Sheila Adams)
- Make snowflakes with messages on them.
- Art club created "house pins" to sell.
- Hat day to raise funds.
- Bake sale, snack sale. Collected sleeping bags.
- Staff member's husband is there now, setting up new airport.
Cliffwood Elementary
Cliffwood, NJ, US
(Susan Rardin)
- Raise Haiti relief funds at a level where all can contribute
"Pennies for Haiti" Higher denominations are accepted.
Funds will be sent by check to
Partners in Health
P.O. Box 84557806
Boston, MA 02284

North Schuylkill Elementary
Ashland, PA USA
(Jennifer Kraft)
- Sell carnations for Valentine's Day
- Change for a Cure (ongoing project for American Cancer Society Relay for Life) money will now be collected for Haiti
in January and February
Denton Avenue School
New Hyde Park, NY, US
(Lisa Parisi)
- Penny Wars to raise money
-Global Awareness Club will discuss options and add more later
Searingtown School
Albertson, NY 11507
(beth williams)
(Jodie Ruggiano)
- Hearts for Haiti Bake Sale
- Searingtown Hearts for Haiti Partners in Health donor site
- Hearts for Haiti Mural by Art Club
Harrison Middle School
Yarmouth, Maine
(Molly Smith)
- Hearts for Haiti - money raised by selling hearts for $1 a piece and from open collections by classroom will be sent to
Feed the Children.
San Marcos Elementary
San Marcos, CA, US
(Adina Sullivan)
- Help for Haiti (Coin Drive)
UPDATE March 31, 2010 - About $1,220 raised. Instead of making a specific school connection at this time, we decided to send the monies to the UNICEF Fund for Haiti.
Farwell Elementary School, Farwell, MI
(Dave Sapp, Kim Funnell, Laurie Warner)
Hearts for Haiti--Penny War, Teachers will have milk jugs that students will put donations into. When they make a donation they will receive a heart, write their name on it and post it on the windows of the school store. The "jugs" will be on display during the day for students to see what class is winning. Winning class teacher will where a "special outfit." If the total weight of the project weighs more than 50 pounds the principal will kiss a piglet.
Hands & Feet Projectof for Haiti-Orphanage & School